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SALESmanago CDP: Advanced features

SALESmanago CDP: Advanced features

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Advanced features in the SALESmanago system consider a wide range of possibilities. They will upgrade your marketing strategy with some of the sprinkles that improve Customer Experience, make your customers stay with you, and empower your eCommerce.

Advanced features in SALESmanago include:

  • Command Center,

  • Live Chat for eCommerce,

  • Automatic Sales Chat,

  • Loyalty program,

  • Social Media,

  • Custom Audience integration,

  • Integration with Google Ads,

  • Integration with Adform.

And additional section called Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

  • SALESmanago Copernicus,

  • Machine Learning & AI,

  • Email Subject AI Grader,

  • Purchase, CLV and Customer Churn Prediction,

  • Deep Behavioral Profiling.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is not more the future of all of us. It’s presence. Not only helpful with product recommendations, driving best revenues, shortening conversion path but also to increase in the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns.

Each feature provides different marketing actions. For example, Command Center allows you to create and plan campaigns and manage all running processes in the system using a two-level view, when Live Chat gives you the possibility to automate your conversations with visitors and engage them more with your brand:

  • Bulti multi-tier marketing management cockpit to manage all marketing activities in your eCommerce,

  • Speed up and improve communication with customers using SALESmanago Live Chat,

  • Implement a bot in your eCommerce strategy to be in touch with visitors 24/7,

  • Find the best solution to balance your retention and acquisition strategy with the Loyalty program feature,

  • Display ads to your customers via Custom Audience on their Facebook wall, or on any place on the internet using integration with Google Ads and Adform,

  • Adjust the page to the client’s profile,

  • Increase cart value,

  • Recommend products in real-time while Live Chat conversation,

  • Convert leads into customers,

  • Effectively regain interest.

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