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SAP Activate Project Manager

SAP Activate Project Manager

Price: $79.99

SAP Activate is a methodology businesses use to perform SAP S/4HANA implementations. It allows for a speedy system deployment and applies principles that enable an organization to adopt new capabilities.

The SAP Activate Methodology represents an agile, modular framework for migration or implementation SAP solutions. It supports project management teams through every stage of a project, beginning with initial planning, requirements implementation, and concluding with the continuous improvement of the SAP solution

This course builds on basic consultant skills and experience that is then refined by practical experience during several projects. This course supports to become SAP focused project managers who have advanced business skills and the ability to apply methodologies and tools. Aside from advanced communication and presentation skills, this course also helps the project manager built the skills to manage internal and external stakeholders, basic knowledge of change management processes, and communicating these processes to others. With this course the project manager can successfully manage the end-to-end transition of the project from Sales to Realization, can develop roadmaps for project execution, and understand testing and quality management. In particular for SAP related projects, the Project Manager can apply the SAP Activate Methodology.

This course covers following SAP Activate Project Management Topics:

SAP Activate Overview

SAP Activate Elements

Agile Delivery Approach

Workstreams Overview

Agile Project Planning

Different Transition Path

Activate Tools Demo

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