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SAP FICO “Touch The Finish Line” (6 Months free access)

SAP FICO “Touch The Finish Line” (6 Months free access)

Price: $49.99

This course will help you to get your arms well around the SAP FICO functionalities, backed by Configuration which are used in real-time. By the end of these lectures, you will be familiar with the important key areas of SAP FICO and will get a great start to make sense of FICO Interview Questions. If are already in US with valid Visa, we will get you a job in US.

This course comes with free 6 months of access to a dedicated server, where the training was conducted ((It’s from Feb onwards). You will see the same data as in the training videos. Please watch one of the preview videos, which will explain how to gain 6 months of free access. You can also email us with the purchase confirmation to Training at VRITLabs daat calm

Just a word of caution, we understand that the videos may not be in the best sequence as they were not meant to be published in a learning platforms like this. These videos were created more as a proprietary for our in-house training and as a part of continuous education to our working consultants in US.

However we guarantee that this video will open up the SAP part of your brain, and help you push the envelopes to evolve in terms SAP functionalities and its technical advantage.

The instructions to get 6 months of free access to VRIT’s dedicated server, please watch one of the preview video which has instructions. This course is designed for those who are at beginner and intermediate levels. We highly recommend this course if you are looking to gain great exposure in FICO and subsequently get a career in SAP outside India.

Congratulations on making the first step, and All the best for your successful career in SAP. Email us your pictures and your story once you become a SAP Consultant.


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