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SAP FSCM TRM Cash And Liquidity Management

SAP FSCM TRM Cash And Liquidity Management

Price: $19.99

SAP Cash and Liquidity Management is a sub-component of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management.

For information about its functions and possible uses, see:

SAP Cash Management

SAP Liquidity Planner

SAP Cash Management is used to monitor cash flows and to ensure that you have sufficient liquidity to cover your payment obligations.


SAP Cash Management is a sub-component of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management.

SAP Cash Management is integrated with a range of other SAP components. For example, the liquidity forecast – in a medium to long term liquidity trend – integrates expected incoming and outgoing payments in financial accounting, purchase and sales.

SAP Liquidity Planner


In an age of global competition and value-oriented management strategies, financial planning plays an increasingly important role in the management of a company. The key aim is to recognize liquidity deficits or surpluses in time and to identify expected foreign currency positions in the planning period. Recording planning data on a timely basis and adapting it as soon as circumstances change, as well as decentralized processes for capturing data all contribute to the challenges facing financial planning activities that aim to indicate future trends.

The Liquidity Planner provides tools for entering and adjusting, aggregating and evaluating planned cash flows, and for determining actual values. Easy-to-use tools provide the decision-makers with all the information they need, as and when it is available. With this information, they have a clearer picture of the financial situation and can optimize the use of their financial resources. You can therefore use the Liquidity Planner to extend your planning horizon and have a greater active influence on the expected cash flows. This ranges from the classical use of financial budgeting values through to their inclusion in more detailed risk analyses.


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