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SAP HR Customizing basics of the SAP HCM application module

SAP HR Customizing basics of the SAP HCM application module

Price: $94.99

In SETI we strongly believe in bringing you the best possible SAP training at affordable prices so you can enhance your career.

By now you are aware of the new release of the ERP system from SAP but so far you haven’t got the chance learn about the differences from previous releases and of course the way in which we need to use SAP Fiori as the new GUI tool to interact with the system. That is the reason in this training all the user processes are executed with Fiori apps and the customizing is done with SAP Logon. We will focus on some of the most important customizing steps for SAP HCM and you will learn not only about the business user processes but also how to customize the system to cover the exact requirements of your customers. Gain this knowledge and get access to the best job opportunities with the best salary and benefits.

We know about the steep price and the lack of time to travel to an on-site training therefore we recommend that you don’t skip this opportunity and you start honing your SAP HCM skills.

Enroll now and get for-life access to the content so you can learn at your own pace, in the hours that you prefer and without wasting time coming and going to a physical training center.


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