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SAP PP – Capacity Requirements Planning in SAP (PP-CRP)

SAP PP – Capacity Requirements Planning in SAP (PP-CRP)

Price: $149.99

In this course you will learn how to customize the capacity planning process for your customers to make sure that the right machines, production lines and manpower are available.

People understand better with practical examples. That’s why we have prepared for this course a practical business example. This is part of a Project Simulation for a fictional company by using real life examples.

You will use an example with a current product to:

  • learn the master data objects used in capacity planning,
  • Know how to create your own master data in SAP.
  • Learn the capacity evaluation tools and how to customize them
  • Understand the techniques for capacity leveling
  • Know the customizing available for the Tabular and Graphical Planning Table

I hope I got your attention with our project simulation and the interesting things you will learn in this course.

Let’s get right into it because we have a lot of more interesting topics to cover.


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