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SAP PP – Production Planning for Beginner and Intermediates

SAP PP – Production Planning for Beginner and Intermediates

Price: $19.99

This Course is about SAP Production planning which is considered a central module for manufacturing industries, PP primarily deals with different aspects of production practices used into Manufacturing and other types of industries.

SAP PP – Production Planning is an application used to Plan, Perform, Record, and monitor of the production process. PP help us in making our process automatic with the help of different planning Strategies like demand management, SOP, MRP,CBP etc,

Prerequisites to learn this course – SAP software, basic operating skill, understanding of Basic Process Cycle moreover

Industry experience will be added advantage.

This Course is designed and beneficial for the following Persons.

  • ·Production engineers

  • SAP End Users

  • SAP Core Team Members

  • ERP Functional or technical consultant

  • SAP Consultants

  • All sessions contain an introductory theoretical overview and a real-time industry-specific scenario.

For a better understanding, a simple case study has been created where we simulated the cycles with different aspects.

SAP Package is divided into three parts Master data, transaction data, and reporting, Course Contains an introduction and general overview and different configuration steps in SPRO, and business process.

You can use this course as an example case for the purpose of your knowledge expansion and forthcoming projects so let’s learn and grow together.

You are welcome to share your queries and questions during this course journey.


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