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SAP  S/4 HANA  Finance and Accounts Payable Basic Level

SAP S/4 HANA Finance and Accounts Payable Basic Level

Price: $19.99

VIM is nothing but management of invoices of vendors. To overcome all the drawbacks (mentioned below) automated process is developed which is VIM.

Existing Process for processing / Posting invoices is as follows :

  1. Internal Requirement.

  2. Purchase Requisition.

  3. Requesting for Quotation

  4. Purchase Order creation

  5. MIGO – Goods receipt number (GRN)

  6. MIRO – Invoice created / posted

Drawbacks in (above mentioned) existing process are as follows:

  1. Manual communication processing like if any invoice got misplaced then vendor needs to ask to buyer and do the communication which is time consuming process to invoice processing.

  2. In MIGO need to enter data manually which is time consuming process.

  3. Attachment of files to email like if that file is of large size then it consumes more space so memory allocation problem occurs and cause of which performance degraded.


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