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Science of Happiness

Science of Happiness

Price: $29.99

Do you ever wonder what actually makes us happy, fulfilled, and content? Do you feel that maybe the big house, the perfect job, or the next big vacation just isn’t going to cut it?

Does your mind often feel like a storm cloud of negativity, discontent and anxiety?

Do you ever wonder how that person in your life who is always smiling, optimistic and genuinely kind and giving lives the way they do?

If yes, then this program is designed for you.

Thousands of people young and old have discovered the power of the science of happiness tools and techniques shared in this program, and learned how to actually make long-term changes that lead to permanent improvements in happiness and well-being by using the proven behavior change methods we share. It’s your turn to move past the gimmicks and top 10’s, and make the effort needed to succeed.

Based directly on up-to-the-minute behavior science research from leading thinkers at UPENN, Harvard, Stanford, MIT and others, every minute of LifeDojo programs are designed to inspire, motivate, and result in changing your behavior.

Imagine it. Every day you wake up looking forward to the day – you feel content with your job, your relationships, and your purpose. You move through your day aware of your thoughts and feelings, and you approach activities with purpose, positivity and relaxed focus. The negative thoughts you once had once a second are replaced by optimism, and the world around you aligns with that optimism. All of this is possible.

In this program, you will learn:

1. The incredible science behind happiness science, based soundly in positive psychology research and practice.

2. The three main pillars of Happiness Science – what they are and how to integrate them into your life.

3. The six essential steps you need to take to actually improve your happiness over the long-term. No more fads, gimmicks, or trends. Just proven behavior change methods that work.

Now comes the best part: Our entire class is offered in a fun, whiteboard-style story, that will have you laughing, learning, and connecting more than any other class you’ve taken!

So don’t put-off your future – sign up to improve your happiness today.

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