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Science of Success: An intro course in happiness

Science of Success: An intro course in happiness

Price: $89.99

Welcome to The Science of Success: An intro course in finding happiness. Here you’ll learn proven tools from Positive Psychology that every parent and teacher should know. We are all aware that raising responsible, intelligent, well-adjusted children is the toughest job we will ever have. Knowing your life is crazy busy, this course explores over 20 science-based tools and how best to apply them; each take only minutes a day to empower your kids toward a lifetime of flourishing and, yes, success!

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • a powerful action-plan to continually support your kids & students in their striving for success.
  • useful insights to improve discipline issues and reduce stress
  • proven, simple tools to use immediately with your children
  • knowledge of how to apply the science to everyday life
  • recognition of the pivotal moments to increase engagement and resilience
  • the keys to unlock a child’s full potential, and
  • a foundation that will last a lifetime for yourself and your children or students!

… and your children will get the greater self-worth, sense of meaning, self-awareness, hope, and confidence they need to meet their future with passion and perseverance!

You will hear about the latest science in real-life terms. No scientific jargon here!
You will learn:

  • how the human brain works to help us achieve
  • what is missing most in our race for success,
  • how our emotions can best help us thrive,
  • what motivates us to keep going,
  • what role failure plays, and
  • what we need most to succeed

Recent scientific findings show us how to parent and educate for a lifetime of motivation and success. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it works with kids from birth to college and beyond! The last few decades have given us an explosion of pivotal science – much unknown to mainstream audiences – that urges us to adopt these simple changes. Best of all, I’ve done all the hard work of synthesizing the research for you! You’ll get my summary handouts and a lengthy list of resources you can use to ensure you get the most impact for the least effort and time. I’m a mother of two myself, and my girls provide an endless source of challenge, inspiration and anecdotes that I’ll share with you,

Finally, I’ve included an extra section with three additional science-based tools – my favorites – that can boost your children’s success even more!

Don’t miss your chance to help your kids thrive. Dive straight into the science of success that is tailor-made for parents and teachers. Enroll now – getting started is easy. It only takes a few minutes a day, and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Student Testimonials

“So informative and motivating. Felt like you skimmed the tip of the iceberg – fascinating. Thanks for all of this valuable information.” ~ Lynn B.

“Thank you for another wonderful class!” ~ Tracey D.

“Helps to realize the energy you have affects kids all the time. Thanks so much for getting me back on track!” ~ Linda J.

“It is so helpful to hear encouragement on being a good parent, positive reinforcement for a parent! And the tools to help continue on the right path.” ~ Cathy D.

“This seminar has definitely motivated me to make some positive changes with my children.” ~ Alison M.

“Taking the conscious time to find peace and joy in my own heart is so essential to being a joyful parent! Thank you for helping me to remember that!” ~ Rebecca K


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