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Scientific Python & Deep Learning Masterclass (4 Projects)

Scientific Python & Deep Learning Masterclass (4 Projects)

Price: $94.99

In this course you will learn how to code with the Python Programming Language and How to use Python for Scientific Work. First we will study Python Basics: Python statements, Python Built-in Types and Built-in Methods,Mathematical Operations. Then You will get familiar with the Scipy and Numpy Libraries who are the two main Scientific Libraries in Python. We will then get into Object Oriented Programming with Python. You will also get in depth knowledge on Deep Learning. We will study the Theory of Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks for Image recognition Problems and more and the programming part of Deep Learning which includes building Neural Networks from scratch and building multiple feature learning algorithms. The class includes 4 Application Projects to apply the Knowledge in concrete real world applications. The 4 Applications are the following: Computing Heat Transfers between 3D objects, Building a Hardware Simulation Framework to simulate a Portable Ultrasound Device, The Real Estate Webscrapper, and Predicting the Survivors of the Titanic using Deep Learning.

The Class includes numerous code examples for the different concepts or algorithms studied. So if you are looking to start a deep learning Project you can simply copy some of this code and build your own Project from this Class.

At the end of this Class you will be able to build Deep Learning Systems and do scientific work using the Python Programming Language like a Master!!


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