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Scrivener for iOS Unleashed – Learn Scrivener For iOS

Scrivener for iOS Unleashed – Learn Scrivener For iOS

Price: $69.99

Eagerly anticipated by millions of Scrivener fans, the iOS mobile version of Scrivener does not disappoint!

The iOS app takes the best of the desktop version, streamlining it into an easy to use app that makes writing on your mobile devices a breeze.

A Perfect App For Writers and Content Creators

Scrivener for iOS is a full-fledged writing and note-taking app that outstrips most others for flexibility and functionality. It can be used with or without the accompanying desktop for all your writing projects.

The greatest benefit is of course the seamless syncing of your projects across all of your devices and your desktop, freeing you to develop your creative writing projects on-the-go. But the iOS app is so much more than this!

No more copying and pasting from one app to another, relying on third party apps to cobble together a mobile solution, or, as many so often do, writing on iPad and then emailing documents back and forth to continue working on them in the Scrivener desktop app.

Everything now works together with seamless perfection, syncing directly through Dropbox and ensuring that your work is never lost in transit.

The same intimate attention to detail you find in the desktop Scrivener software, and a clear understanding of the writer’s needs, are carefully implemented into the mobile app, finally making writing and editing across devices a dream.

Coupled together with its desktop partner Scrivener for iOS is an unbeatable powerhouse for writers and content creators everywhere.

Your Scrivener For iOS Coach – David Lee Martin has a proven track record of producing training materials that actually get RESULTS for his students. He is a no-fluff teacher with years of experience, who loves helping others move swiftly down their own unique pathway to success.

These Easy to follow video lessons will teach you everything you need to know to totally rock with Scrivener for iOS.


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