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Scrum Master in Depth

Scrum Master in Depth

Price: $89.99

Scrum Master is accountable for establishing Scrum and the Scrum Team’s effectiveness. In addition, Scrum is going to be used in almost all domains and industries as the world-leading Agile framework. Benefiting from this unique opportunity leads Scrum Masters to improve their skills dramatically and invest in themselves to get a profound, distinguished, and advanced knowledge of Scrum. We will do it in this course.

So, Let’s review what we will deliver to you through it:

At the beginning of the course, we dive into the Cynefin Model and Stacy Matrix.

Then we answer deeply what Agile and Scrum are.

Next, we bring an expanded definition of Scrum Mastery followed by explaining required skills like teaching, coaching, mentoring, facilitating, servant-leadership, and so on.

In the next step, we navigate pitfalls Scrum Masters might fall into.

Reviewing services to the Scrum Team, Product Owner and the Organization are the next topics.

Meanwhile, we explain changes in the Scrum Guide 2020 and their beneath whys. Concepts like Product Goal, self-management vs self-organization, the new topic in the Spring Planning, and commitments of the Artifacts.

Finally, we introduce the PSM II exam and give you several practice questions to get familiar with questions with the related difficulty level. They make you ready to take the real PSM II exam with more confidence.


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