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Scrum Master Professional Cert,Real Case,2021 Exam Questions

Scrum Master Professional Cert,Real Case,2021 Exam Questions

Price: $109.99

Have you ever wondered what is the secret to deliver high-quality software products in time?

Making Your customer satisfied while your team is motivated and happy !!!

The answer is working agile

This course is designed to help you boost your career by helping to learn how to to use to successfully deliver software projects in an agile way, and also by preparing you to pass the online exam of the “Professional Scrum Master I exam” from Scrum .org

Disclaimer: Professional Scrum Master™, PSM, PSM I, PSM 1, etc. is the protected brand of Scrum. org. Our course is neither endorsed by or affiliated with Scrum. org.

This course also uses content from the Scrum Guide. All the content related to Scrum Guide is taken from scrumguides. org (http://scrumguides. org/) and is under the Attribution ShareAlike license of Creative Commons. Further information is accessible at http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode and also described in summary form at http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/.

What makes this course worth your time ?

  • The course talks about agile from a mindset perspective, not a process perspective.

  • Topics explanation follows quizzes and practice exams so you can test your understanding immediately.

  • Instructor’s experience with coaching multiple teams with working agile , we are sure we have met a case similar to yours before when you ask for support.

  • Real cases included while explaining the topics so you can relate the topics to real situations of usage.

  • Scrum explanation, Real cases, and Practice Exams all in one course.

  • We are seeking the best learning experience for our students, by combining different teaching tools like presentation, real stories, questions, and review handouts.

Why choosing Scrum ?

The scrum framework as it is the most popular agile framework and it enables teams to work in an environment full of opportunities but also full of uncertainties and risk where working in an agile way is key to project success.

Why choosing “Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)” certification ?

We choose PSM1 as it is a worldwide accredited certificate from Scrum .org and it’s founder Ken Schwaber who is one of the creators of the Scrum Framework itself.

The PSM Certificate is different from other certificates is that it requires a good understanding of the agile way of working and the scrum framework not just only practicing for the exam or studying content.

That’s why the holder of this certificate is perceived as someone knowledgeable about agile and scrum.

What will the course teach you ?

We prepared this course to teach you :

  • The principles of the Scrum Framework , core concepts and theory

  • Scrum Team roles, the Scrum Master, the Product Owner and the team

  • Scrum Events , the different scrum meetings and the value behind them

  • Scrum Artifacts , different backlogs and the definition of done

and before all this course intends to teach you about the agile mindset and agile manifesto to make sure you really understand how to work in an agile way not just follow a process.

You don’t need any prior knowledge about agile, this course covers the concepts from the very beginning.

What about practically applying Scrum ?

As Scrum practitioners, we found that at the beginning you may find that It is easy to comprehend the Scrum framework, but the difficulty comes when fully understanding how to implement it in real-time situations .

That’s why you will find our course is the best to learn both in detail. It not only teaches you the principles and practices of Scrum but also we share our practical experience in similar situations to empower and energize you to make meaningful changes and to know how others practiced scrum and could succeed with it .

Our course focuses mainly on the Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Team in a software development company.

What about the exam and the certificate?

To acquire the Professional Scrum Master I certificate you have to pass their online exam by 85% , After you understand the content, you have to practice the questions and the practice test included in this course , they are intended to help you practice how to pass the exam, as well as testing your knowledge and understanding for the content delivered in this course.

Latest Scrum Guide Update

In this course we included the updates added to the latest Scrum Guide was released on November 2020.

And we added a practice test for the exams that were updated on January 2021 based upon the mentioned Scrum Guide


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