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Scrum With Azure DevOps

Scrum With Azure DevOps

Price: $99.99

Hello and welcome to the Scrum with Azure DevOps Course. In this course, we will learn the basics of Scrum and it’s important parts.

Scrum is a framework that can help you manage requirements and work between different team members. With the using of Scrum, you can have better control of the work and the different requirement. The roles of the team and their required work are established and known for everyone.

Scrum is based on three key factors which are parts of the empirical process: transparency, inspection, and adaptation. Transparency indicates that every part of the process is visible for everyone. Inspection used to detect results and enhance them by using various activities such as Sprint Review and Retrospective. Adaptation means that the process if it goes out of control it must be changed to have the desired results.

Scrum has three main members: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the Development team. The Scrum Master is a servant leader for the rest of the team to help them through the project and remove obstacles out of the way so they can achieve the desired results. Product Owner is the person that is responsible for maximizing the results of the development team. He/She selects the suitable requirements to be done and make sure that the results are aligned with the project objective. The Development team are the people responsible for the work to achieve the project goals.

From a personal experience using Scrum is one of the effective ways to manage your work and your projects. It makes the process simple and effective for everyone.

Azure DevOps is one of the new products that Microsoft introduced lately and it’s equipped with many tools and features that will make your work with Software Projects much easier along with Scrum. Also, the nice thing that you can use it for free for a certain limit but overall it shall be a great experience.


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