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Secrets from an Insurance Broker (Masterclass)

Secrets from an Insurance Broker (Masterclass)

Price: $99.99

My name is Juan Carlos Fernández Alemán, and I have 22 years in the Insurance Brokerage market. I have more than 20,000 policies sold in the local and international market, I come from 3 generations in the insurance brokerage, and today I want to talk to you about the insurance market.

We have designed this course so that you can succeed in this business, a super competitive and spectacular market because it allows you to travel and rub shoulders with people anywhere in the world.

Here we are going to give you all the keys for you to be successful so that your career is much more comfortable and you can achieve the goals with a robust insurance portfolio that is renewed every year by 90%.

In this course we will give you all the tools, from personal presentation, social networks, how to create your brand, how to be successful, what are the keys, what do you have to know about insurance and reinsurance. All the doubts we will clarify in this course, and we will tell you how to do networking, how to do rapport, how to reach customers, how to close more clients and how to renew them.

Register now in this course!

This is the best course for insurance brokers.


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