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Selenium Java : Beginner to Advanced [Live Project]

Selenium Java : Beginner to Advanced [Live Project]

Price: $19.99

  • In detailed, easy, step by step, practical, well defined and real time video tutorials on Selenium Java

  • Not required to have any prior Java programming knowledge, as all the prerequisites such as Java are explained in detail before covering Selenium topics

  • Interview Questions and Answers (Recorded Videos and Notes)

  • Different topics covered in this course include: (Includes Videos and Notes for every topic listed below)

    • Introduction

    • Firebug/Firepath Alternatives

    • Selenium IDE

    • Locators

      • XPath Expressions

      • CSS Selectors

      • Others

    • Core Java for Selenium

    • Selenium WebDriver

    • Handling Multiple Windows

    • Waiting Mechanism

    • Handling Frames

    • Handling Lightbox

    • Selenium & Different Browsers

    • Selenium 3

    • Framework Concepts – Properties Files

    • Framework Concepts – POI API

    • Framework Concepts – Log4j

    • Framework Concepts – TestNG

    • Framework Concepts – Maven

    • Framework Concepts – Extent Reports

    • Framework Concepts – Taking Screenshots

    • Framework Concepts – ANT

    • Data Driven Framework

    • Cucumber and BDD

    • Page Object Model and Page Factory

    • Jenkins

    • Git

    • GitHub

    • WebDriverManager

    • Live Project (Real time)

    • AutoIt

    • Sikuli

    • Robot Class

    • Actions Class

    • DOM

    • JavaScript

    • JavaScriptExecutor

    • Java OOPS Concepts

    • Handling XML Files

    • Handling JSON Files

    • Database Testing using Selenium

    • Browser Configurations – Firefox, Chrome & IE

    • Handling Calendar

    • Handling WebTables

    • Select Class

    • Handling Random Activities

    • Handling Cookies

    • Downloading Files

    • Password Encryption and Decryption

    • WebDriver Listeners

    • TestNG Listeners

    • StaleElementReferenceException

    • And many more

  • Selenium Grid

  • Interview Questions and Answers

  • Along with videos, notes having the session details and links to download the code/frameworks/other files are provided

  • Huge list of real time and practical examples are provided throughout the sessions

  • Installation/configurations of various software are also explained in detailed in this course

  • After watching all the videos, you will be able to answer most of the interview questions, as all the topics are covered from basic to advanced level

  • Framework concepts are explained before showing how to build different frameworks

  • Sessions covering the development of different frameworks are also covered in detailed

  • Includes Selenium 4 Videos


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