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Selenium Python with Behave BDD(Basic + Advance + Architect)

Selenium Python with Behave BDD(Basic + Advance + Architect)

Price: $94.99

Selenium Python with Behave BDD, Page Objects, Data Driven and Many live projects. Learn end to end framework concepts

After the successful launch of Selenium Java, here’s an another master blaster on Selenium with Python Core. Each and every topic in this course is covered from a very scratch / ground level till Expert level.

Python is a next demanding language in Industry after Java. There are many openings you will find for Selenium Python these days as the market of AI and Machine Learning is in boom.

In case you are already familiar with Selenium Java then you will find this course very easy and straight to the point and should be able to finish and master it in less than a month time.

The course is specially designed for a person with zero programming knowledge, anyone from any background can easily learn and master Automation Selenium with Python and start applying in his / her current Job / Interviews etc

Practical examples have been taken from many live websites, lots of interview tips, practice websites provided for Automation

The course will help in building up your base for other automation tools like Appium for mobile testing, Rest / request module for API Testing etc

During the course you will get my best support in your queries with a turn around time of 24 hours and even less.

Major topics included:

———-Python CORE———-

———-PyCharm IDE———-

———-Selenium from basics till advance level concepts———-

———-Pytest Framework———-

———-Parallel test execution———-

———-Allure Reporting———-

———-Git / GitHub———-

———-CI – Jenkins———-

———-Data Driven Framework———-

———-Page Object Model Framework———-

———-Behave BDD Framework———-

Utilities like: Excel Reading, Log generation, sending Automation email, Database connectivity etc



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