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ServiceNow Certified CIS -PPM -Practice exam tests questions

ServiceNow Certified CIS -PPM -Practice exam tests questions

Price: $69.99

Practice tests include questions covering the latest release – for ServiceNow PPM. ServiceNow Certified Project Portfolio Management (PPM). *** Refreshed with PARIS release; a total of 282 practice questions.***

I have curated set of questions, based on my experience and knowledge, covering CIS PPM certification exam content PPM fundamentals, test framework, and implementation activities. I have converted the notes, and tips that I used to gain my certification into questions.

How to prepare for the exam?

• Complete required ServiceNow training(s)

• General familiarity with general industry terminology on PPM

• Gain hands-on experience on ServiceNow or on Dev instance (PDI)

• Practice, Practice and Practice – make use of these practice questions to prepare well

Wishing you the best!

#PARISRelease #CIS-PPM #ServiceNowCISPPM


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