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ServiceNow ITSM Professional Suite Certification Mock Tests

ServiceNow ITSM Professional Suite Certification Mock Tests

Price: $94.99

Exam Purpose

Prepare for the ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) Professional Suite Certification exams with the most comprehensive set of practice questions with detailed explained answers, all built in the latest Quebec release!

ServiceNow ITSM Professional Certification is known as a Suite certification which is an aggregation of multiple certifications that aligns with the ITSM product packages and is automatically granted when the required certification set is complete.

Becoming IT Service Management Professional certified means you have the resources, knowledge, and experience necessary to create and work records through each of the covered ITSM application lifecycles. You will be able to demonstrate each application lifecycle from a persona viewpoint, articulate the value and the baseline features of each of the covered ITSM applications and start thinking about the key decisions to be made during the implementation of these ServiceNow ITSM applications.

Exam Preparation

There are 4 different exams for the ServiceNow ITSM Professional Suite Certification:

  1. ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – IT Service Management (CIS – ITSM) exam

  2. ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA) Micro-Certification exam

  3. ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence (PI) Micro-Certification exam

  4. ServiceNow Virtual Agent (VA) Micro-Certification exam

Exam questions are based on official ServiceNow training materials, the ServiceNow documentation site, and the ServiceNow developer site. These should not be considered the official study or exam materials and should only be used to practice for the actual mainline exam.

CIS-ITSM Exam Scope

  1. Incident Management (25%)

  2. Problem Management (15%)

  3. Change and Release Management (25%)

  4. Knowledge Management (5%)

  5. Request Fulfillment (25%)

  6. Configuration Management Database (5%)

Micro PA Exam Scope

  1. Performance Analytics Architecture (30%)

  2. Performance Analytics Deployment (20%)

  3. Performance Analytics Metrics and KPIs (25%)

  4. Performance Analytics Visualisations (25%)

Micro PI Exam Scope

  • Predictive Intelligence architecture (10%)

  • Predictive Intelligence Frameworks (50%)

  • The Predictive Intelligence implementation process (30%)

  • Training the ServiceNow instance (10%)

Micro VA Simulation Exam Scope

  • Implementing Virtual Agent (50%)

  • Implementing Natural Language Understanding (NLU) (50%)

Exam Structure (CIS-ITSM, PA, PI)

The CIS-ITSM exams consist of approximately (60) questions. The PA and PI exams consist of approximately (15) questions. For each question on the examination, there are multiple possible responses. You should review the response options and select the most correct answer to the question.

  • Multiple Choice (single answer)

    For each multiple-choice question on the exam, there are four possible responses. You should review the response options and select the one response most accurately answers the question.

  • Multiple Select (select all that apply)

    For each multiple-select question on the exam, there are at least four possible responses. The question will state how many responses should be selected. You should review the response options and select ALL responses that accurately answer the question. Multiple-select questions have two or more correct responses.

Simulation Exam Structure (VA)

To achieve the ServiceNow Virtual Agent micro-certification, you should undertake a simulation-based exam which is 60-minute long and consists of approximately (14) tasks. For each task on the examination, you must complete the assigned work within a task and validate.

The assessment simulator allows you to show your knowledge by reading a scenario, doing the work to meet a set of requirements based on the scenario, and verifying your work is done correctly.

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