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SharePoint Online Customization and Development Toolset

SharePoint Online Customization and Development Toolset

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Price: $29.99

The course describes a place of SharePoint in Modern Office 365 and Microsoft ecosystem.

It provides high-level overview of the building blocks that are available for a developer, power user or administrator in SharePoint Online.

The course overviews:

  1. SharePoint Add-ins

  2. SharePoint Framework

  3. SharePoint REST API

  4. Microsoft Graph

  5. SharePoint Webhooks

  6. Site Designs and Site Scripts

  7. Column and View Formatting

  8. Microsoft PowerApps

  9. Microsoft Power Automate

  10. SharePoint PnP

  11. Additional tools like Office UI Fabric, MS Graph Toolkit, etc.

By end of the course you’ll be familiar with available building block, when and where to use them. And will be capable of making high-level architectural decisions for solving your  business goals.

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