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SLA (Service Level Agreements) & WSR (Weekly Status Report)

SLA (Service Level Agreements) & WSR (Weekly Status Report)

Price: $19.99

This course covers all the information you need to understand IT’s (Information Technology’s) SLA and WSR. It covers…

  • What is SLA in the IT industry?

  • Why SLAs are crucial?

  • When should we define, prepare and analyze SLA?

  • What are the most common parameters/features of SLA?

  • How to derive those generic SLA parameters?

  • How to meaningfully represent SLA to client/higher management?

  • Examples of SLA in industries other than IT.

  • Generic template for SLA reports.

  • What is WSR?

  • What are the common parameters of WSR

  • How to sensibly highlight WSR to stakeholders?

  • A common template for WSR reports.

You may feel the course duration is short however, this short, crisp, and to-the-point explanatory course contains all the necessary information to impress your client and higher management.

At the end of each course, I have explained the basic template with a sample project.

A little prerequisite is… it is advisable to have a little understanding of basics of Agile methodology (method to handle IT projects) and JIRA (A project tracking tool)

Even though it is not mandatory, that knowledge will help you to easily grasp the jargon and terminology used in the course.

A little introduction about me…

I am an IT professional with 13+ years of experience. Having workable experience in product and service-based organizations.

I strongly believe that to succeed in every field the ONLY secret is…
Understand the concepts and everything else is child’s play…

I wish you all the very best and hoping that…. this course will help you to gain your client or higher management confidence.

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