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SMT-get your scheduling program and manage time effectively

SMT-get your scheduling program and manage time effectively

Price: $44.99

Course description

The reason why so many psychological interventions or time management programs don’t work is this: they rely simply on personal opinions, on intuitions or just personal experience.

The fact is that many times, what does work at some, doesn’t work to others. This is why, in order to maximize the chances of raising your productivity, I have built this course based on scientific literature and on an experiment that I have personally conducted and then published the results in a scientific journal.

Self-Management in Time – the science based program to use in order to develop the lifestyle that you want through a balanced management of your activities

Together, we’ll develop a personalized time and activities management system, Self-Management in Time, where you’ll have the freedom to choose what works best for you.

You’ll get 20 lectures where I explain some psychological concepts and principles that are underlying time management, and then, in order to deepen your understanding and to develop the skills for better organizing, you’ll have quizzes and worksheets.

Content and Overview

The first 3 qualities of an influential leader are: vision, excellence and courage. We’ll develop together a vision that will guide your actions and offer energy in order to approach excellence.

Accessing the scientific literature and my psychological counseling and training experience, we’ll develop a habit through which you can achieve more with less effort spent on organizing your work.

It is known that in order to reach our goals we have to take the right decisions, to choose between the tasks that are competing for the same time period, which is limited. For this, we’ll get to know by what criteria we should guide when we have to choose between what to do and what to not.

Great achievements require great efforts, at least at some point. For this, we need to be fueled by motivation and continuity in maintaining the work, and we’ll cover a technique through which you can grow your persistence.

Work work and work, but how do we know if we are on the right track? There is the risk to loose ourselves in the efforts, which is why we’ll identify together by which cues we should guide in order to know that we’re heading in the direction that we want.

Distractions are a constant problem of the actual environment full of technology. In the course we’ll learn how to maintain our focus on the long run.

What will happen if there are too many time management techniques and time management becomes way too difficult to apply? With time passing, we naturally forget the information that we don’t use, that is why this course has a system in order to understand the underlying processes (based on scientific research) and to continue to use them when you forget the techniques.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn to become more and more productive with less effort by developing a habit
  • Recognize the cues for taking the right decisions
  • Get a technique in order to know what you really want and how to transform it into a concrete plan
  • Develop a technique to remain persistent on the long run
  • Know the milestones that show you if you’re approaching the desired results
  • Identify the best time when you’re most productive during a day and take advantage of it
  • Maintain a high morale when things don’t look like you want in order to keep pushing
  • How to keep your focus in order to maintain productivity
  • By the end of this course, you’ll develop strategies to get organized even when you forget the techniques


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