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Speed Learning: Learn Fast with Instant Accelerated Learning

Speed Learning: Learn Fast with Instant Accelerated Learning

Price: $94.99

Discover how to get information from ANY format or medium into your head at least 2-4 times faster and manage your information for optimal retention and quicker, easier implementation.

No purchases and no tedious drills or time spent learning or practicing new skills is required – you’ll find out how you can start doing this right now.

Save time, get more done with better, faster results and eliminate information overload forever with these Speed Learning hacks, techniques and processes that you can implement immediately.

Here’s some more of what’s waiting for you inside the course:

  • The simple 7 step solution to information overload and how to learn faster than you ever thought possible. This process ensures you learn at the fastest possible rate in the shortest possible time and extract maximum benefit
  • Discover an ultra-powerful technique to get ANY text based information into your head quickly and effortlessly – no speed reading required and no matter how busy you are! (I’ve never seen this anywhere else and, if you put this to use, this one technique alone is worth the paltry cost of this course many times over!)
  • Make the one simple change in your mindset that will save you infinitely more time than any speed reading technique
  • 4 powerful rules that will filter the junk from your information load and give you laser-focus on only what you need to know what learn
  • How you can learn nearly anything fast even if you think you have no time to learn
  • Find out the best type of exercise to optimise your learning ability and, most importantly, when to do it and how much
  • Do this one ridiculously simple and easy thing every day to improve your learning ability and brain function – and it only takes a few seconds
  • The secret of how you may be able to double your effective intelligence – literally overnight – and give yourself a 100% edge of your competition
  • 13 common and readily available foods that can optimise your learning ability
  • The surprising truth about multitasking – when it is and isn’t effective and the only time you can use it to your advantage.
  • Discover the specific type of music to listen to while you learn that could deliver a performance boost of up to 25% (check this) just by listening to it
  • The optimal brain state for learning and how to induce it quickly easily and effortlessly

Powerful speed learning techniques for the digital age that will give you a formidable competitive advantage.

Today we are all need to deal with more information than ever before and if you can’t keep up you quickly get left behind.

The simple truth is: There is so much information in, more forms and formats than ever before, available to us and being pushed to us on a daily basis in more ways than ever before that the old methods of dealing with information are no longer effective. They are simply too slow. If you try to learn everything you need or want to know today at a normal, traditional, “pre-digital age” learning pace you will fail.

And that’s where this unique course will help.

I’ve always been had a voracious appetite learning, information and ways to boost productivity but it wasn’t until I became a single parent with a toddler that I really felt both an urgent need for new information (ask any new parent!) – and, at the same time, hopelessly time-poor. It was then, out of sheer desperation to learn more, faster, that I really got focused and hunted down and developed and refined the techniques revealed in this course.

These techniques have saved (and gained) me massive amounts of time and allowed me to get through hundreds and hundreds of hours of material in various formats in a bare fraction of that time.

And now you can do the same.

Students, professionals and anyone else who finds they have more stuff to learn, read, watch etc than they have time for will find the solution to that problem and much, much more inside the course.

Anyone can do this course and reap immense benefits. There is no pre-requisite knowledge required and all resources are either provided or available for free.

In the first part of the course you’ll discover how to eliminate information overload once and for all and get through information in any format up to 3-4 times faster.

You’ll discover a simple 7 step process and techniques and technology that will enable you to:

  • Eliminate information overload forever by controlling your information inflow and focusing only on the information that you actually need.
  • get through information in any format up to 3-4+ times faster
  • manage your information for better retention and quicker, easier implementation

And, you’ll be able to do all this right away without any tedious practice drills!

In the second part of the course you’ll find out a whole bunch of ways you can speed up and optimize your learning even further by applying simple speed learning “hacks” and making some powerful changes to things you probably already do.

All of these you can implement and benefit from literally straight away.

As part of the course you’ll also get:

  • Video walkthroughs and demonstrations of software tools
  • Sample audio files so you can try techniques immediately
  • Downloadable audios so you can listen and learn on the go
  • Downloadable videos to view on your mobile device
  • A handy resource guide with links to all tools and resources mentioned all in one convenient place


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