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Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy

Price: $99.99

In this course you will gain a birds eye view of the spiritual process of transformation. Alchemy is the art of transmuting dense or heavy energy (pain, anxiety, fear) into lighter, brighter (love, joy, hope) energy. You will learn fundamentals of energy dynamics how this affects your personal energetic field, how thoughts and emotions affect your energy and your life. You will learn the phases that you may go through when releasing the past and moving into a new you! Detailed manifestation techniques are described with meditations you can apply in your daily life. This is a great course for energy healers, or those walking down the healing or spiritual path to help you merge the intuitive and feminine aspect of spirituality with the more logical and rational masculine aspect. It will give you insight into the inner workings of the Universe and tools to help you take charge of your life in profound and powerful ways. This course will help you to find your authentic path to enlightenment and will give you the wisdom to navigate the unseen realms in ways previously unknown.

Spiritual Alchemy:
This is a 2.5-hour online workshop/video bringing to light a different perspective on the art and science of transformation. It is a birds-eye view of the spiritual process helping to shed light on a wide variety of topics of interest to the spiritually oriented individual.

Spiritual alchemy is the process of transmuting spiritual energies.
A master alchemist is capable of creating self-initiated inner magic and is highly educated in the science of transformation.

It is each individual’s responsibility to bring about their own transformation and to embody that transformation completely.

Alchemy increases your ability to relate self-knowledge to experiences so you are able to regenerate and change yourself.

By changing yourself, you change the world.

Workshop topics:

  • Quantum mechanics

  • Chakra’s and auric field

  • Thoughts and emotions

  • Physiology

  • Transformation

  • The 4 phases of alchemy

  • Manifestation

  • Destiny vs. free will

  • Spiritual beings and resonance

  • Ethics of creation


  • Meditation techniques

  • Visualization techniques

  • Exploring the energy field and the energy of the physical body

  • Engage the Sacred Violet Flame and the I AM presence

  • Invoking higher spiritual guidance and communication

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of the energetic/spiritual experience from a well-grounded perspective. It is a great course to help bridge the gap between your higher self and your physical self and to empower you to live fully while having faith in higher levels of reality.

The Spiritual Alchemy: The Art and Science of Transformation is available for purchase one The One Precious Light website.


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