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SQL Server 2017x – Performance Tuning & Advance Utility

SQL Server 2017x – Performance Tuning & Advance Utility

Price: $24.99

Hello aspiring Learner,

Greetings and Thank you for reading this course landing page !

Here I am industry veteran having experience of 18+ years having expertise in SQL server as Architect DBA , Introducing one more new job oriented courses which will help you to introduce yourself as Perforamnce Tuning Consultant and SQL Server DBA in industry as level 2+ or 3+ level Consultant. Microsoft SQL DBA is traditional database technology which are very popular in IT space.

Industry are using this technology since year 1997 when Microsoft came out with release of their first version of SQL server.

I would encourage and recommended to aspiring learners to go ahead with this Performance Tuning and Advance utility course and take a deep dive in Sql server technology towards become ad perofmance tuning consultant. Existing DBA’s must go through with this course to resolve your day to day performance related issues on production Server.

Who should take this course

1. A Database Professional or Consultant who is in to into SQL Server related technolog and would like to build their career as SQL Server performance tuning consultant OR DBA Consultant to serve in the industry and would like to become a key assest in managing their production databases.

2. Existing DBA/IT professional who would like to learn advance utility related to performance issues of SQL server as Database professional

3. Any other database or IT professional with Beginners level of SQL server skills.

What aspiring learner will achieve after completion of this course –

1. Performance related issues are frequent issue which Database consultant faces during their day to day work and this course will help them to analyse the issue and would be able to resolve the performance related problem.

1. He/She Will be professional Advance Level DBA or 2+ Level and 3+ Level DBA

2. Performance Tuning Consultant of SQL Server

Please do visit to my other course page to learn more :

1. SQL Server DBA 2017 – Beginners to Moderate Level – A Guid

2. SQL Server DBA 2017 – Advance Level – A Guide

Many Thanks.

Course Design, developed & Instruct by

Rakesh Jain


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