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Stress Management: 9 Life Changing Strategies

Stress Management: 9 Life Changing Strategies

Price: $19.99

The National Health Service (NHS), in the UK, states that long-term stress can negatively affect your ability to sleep and can cause anxiety and digestive problems, as well as give you headaches and hinder your all-important bedroom performance! And if that’s not bad enough, ongoing stress is also heavily linked to high blood pressure, heart disease,diabetes, and depression.

More than just some quick tips that you might find by scrolling your social media feed, the understanding and tools within this programme are backed by psychological research and my experience of coaching hundreds of clients through stressful situations as well as personally testing each strategy in own life.

Within this training programme are 9 life-changing strategies as well the absolute essentials of how stress actually works which will empower you to recognise the patterns of stress in your life and to be equipped to overcome them like a kind of Jiu-Jitsu Stress Master.

Once armed with the understanding and strategies in this programme, you will be able to take a fresh approach to your work and relationships, such that you can avoid being sucked into that dark hole of stress which can consume our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

After graduating with my Business Psychology MSc I found my way into the world of corporate consulting, training and coaching. After a decade of working with exhausted business leaders, overworked experts and anxious graduates, I realised that the one everpresent amongst all ages, genders and levels of expertise with whom I worked was … you guessed it … STRESS! Upon realising this, I took some time to reflect on how I was doing and of course, I too had been massively stressed for far too long! It was time to take action.

5 years later, having taken some time out of the rat race to recover physically and mentally, I started to piece together all of the insights, tools and strategies I could find to support others who were experiencing a similar kind of work or home-related stress.

Every one of my clients has their own preference on which of these game-changing strategies works best for them in the various situations of their life.So get ready tochange your relationship with stressful situations and to change your life for the better.


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