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Stress management for 21st Century

Stress management for 21st Century

Price: $54.99


Everything in this description is included in the first free video for those who prefer to watch and listen more than reading.

This course has been 100% rewritten for 2020. The videos and the downloadable handout have been rewritten and filmed to reflect the additional experience that I’ve gained working with hundreds of more people since I first released this course.

The only thing that remains the same is my commitment to provide you with honest and useful information, exercises, and recordings to help you to become a person who copes well with stress.

The course has a slight bias to stress at work as that is a common cause of stress for many people. All of the ideas and techniques are equally applicable to stress wherever it originates from.

The Gamble

One in four people will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime.

1 in 4, so the odds are good right? That means that most people won’t.

You could look at it like that of course, or you could look at it another way. If you are in a room with 3 other people, one of you will go through some difficulties. Perhaps very bad stress, or anxiety, maybe depression or panic attacks, or perhaps something worse. Are you still feeling confident?

Of course, stress and mental illness are not the same things, but they are often related, and so taking care of your stress levels is also taking care of your mental wellbeing as a whole.

The good news is that for most people, stress is easily managed. This course will take you through the what, how, and why of looking after yourself.

I only wish that I’d had access to this before I was taken completely by surprise and became the 1 out of 4.

What this course isn’t.

This course is not simply a ‘how-to’ of the 10 best stress management techniques. If that is what you are looking for then you will find everything that you want on google, bing, or whatever your preferred search engine is.

Experience tells me that having too many techniques is counterproductive. If you are stressed, you do not need 100 more things to think about. You need 1 or 2 that work, quickly and consistently.

More than that, you need to become the kind of person who copes well with pressure.

Twenty-first-century living is highly pressurized and from that perspective, there are 2 kinds of people: Those who deal well with the pressure, and those who don’t.

In this course, I will share with you the best techniques that I know to help if you reduce your stress levels quickly. After that, what I want for you is that you become a person who handles pressure well. Most of us become stressed from time to time and to expect anything else just isn’t realistic.

The most effective people are those who recognise when stress is building and can let it go quickly. This course will teach you how to do both of those things.

How deep does this course go?

Stress is a highly personal thing, and the things that cause you stress will be very different from the things that cause me stress.

Because of that, the most effective stress-management programme will always be working 1-2-1 with a professional. For most people though, that is not necessary. By its very nature, this kind of course gives very general help and advice, but it is enough for most people.

The topics covered here are not meant to be in huge detail, rather just enough. Just enough to help without overwhelming you with things that you don’t need.

  • The aims of the course

  • To help you to measure and reduce your stress levels.

  • To help you to understand the role that lifestyle has on stress levels and how to live life more healthily

  • To understand and counteract the causes of stress

  • To inspire you to become a person who copes well with pressure and to make this a lifelong commitment

Why should you care?

  • People who manage stress well:

  • Perform better, both at work and in their hobbies

  • Have better relationships

  • Have less mood swings and so are more pleasant to be around

  • Have more fun and find life more fulfilling

In short – people who deal well with stress tend to have a better quality of life -surely that makes it worth taking notice of?

What you will get

As well as the video content you will get 2 valuable resources.

1- A comprehensive and downloadable handout. This contains everything that is included in the videos for those who prefer to read. In many cases, there is additional information too. All of the exercises from the videos are contained in the handout for your convenience.

2- Four downloadable audio recordings that help you to create the right mindset for creating a stress-free life. These are the same recordings that I would give you if we did a 1-2-1- programme together.

The recordings on their own would make a powerful stress-management programme. When coupled with what you learn throughout the rest of the course you have a complete solution for putting you back in control.

  • The 2-minute relaxation. A recording of one of the techniques covered during the course. One of the most powerful stress management tools that you have

  • Remembering how to relax. As you will learn during the programme, your body can literally forget how to relax. This recording will help you remember. Many people find that this recording on its own is extremely powerful and is all that they need. The other recordings in the series then take it to another level.

  • Letting go of negative thoughts

  • Moving on to better times

Why me?

Only you can answer that of course.

One of the key questions to be asking yourself is do I make you feel comfortable as your instructor? You have your preferred styles of learning and I have my style of presenting. We will work best together if those two are aligned. I hope that the intro videos give you some idea of who I am and what I’m about.

In terms of what qualifies me to talk about this, here is my mini CV.

  • My career spans 40 years covering all levels of business from apprentice to director

  • 10 years ago I suffered badly from stress which led to severe panic attacks which I lived with for more than 2 years

  • As a result of that, I quit my job and retrained as a stress-management-consultant and therapist and, more recently, as a mindset coach

  • I’ve worked with hundreds of people, 1-2-1 and in groups as part of company stress management programmes. I’ve helped people who have been mildly stressed, and those who have had the worst kinds of breakdown as well as pretty much everyone in between,

This course is about me sharing with you what I believe are the most important things that I’ve learned over those years.

All images used in the course are from the website Unsplash. Credit due to:

  • Nikko Macaspac on Unsplash

  • Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

  • Freestocks on Unsplash

I used one other image from that site but am unable to find the name of the photgrapher. My apologies, and thank you whoever you are.

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