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Study Skills: #1 Learning Strategies, Memory & Note Taking

Study Skills: #1 Learning Strategies, Memory & Note Taking

Price: $49.99

Study Skills: #1 Learning Strategies, Memory & Note Taking is a course that gives you the TOP study skills, learning strategies, memory techniques and note-taking skills in the world today… plus the ones that will be tomorrow.


Praise for Study Skills: #1 Learning Strategies, Memory & Note-Taking

“Extremely engaging and excellent content that I am already acting upon and making a step change in my learning ability. Gabriel is a great communicator and teacher who really brings learning to learn to life, one of the few I have experienced that can make a connection through video. The course isn’t long, but to the point and a fantastic toolbox for learning anything – thank you!”
~ John Cole

“Upon completion of this course, I can confirm I have found this extremely beneficial and I am more pleased than ever to say I am happy with my purchase, For me, it was a literal learning curve and alternate method of thinking to retain the knowledge. 5 Stars as its already working… here’s to lifelong learning”
~ Stuart McGinney

“The instructor of this course is very captivating. The way that he speaks makes it intriguing to listen. Also, the visuals alongside the lessons keep me entertained and focused on what is being said.”
~ Matt Bookout-Varner

“This course actually helped me to find many ways to learn , not only this but also the instructor language was very clear , english language is not my native, i’m Arabian BTW but i didn’t miss any word of what he said because of his easy language .. thank you Mr Gabriel”
~ Ahmed El-Kelany


What if you could wake up every day knowing that you could learn whatever you wanted to learn that day on a deeper level than 99% of the rest of the human population is capable of?

And what if you also knew that you would enjoy the process?

You can. And if you take this course, you shall.

A study star is not just someone who learns quickly. If that is all you want, there are a few courses that can do a decent job of helping you do that. What I am talking about is learning deeper.

A study star is an individual who has that rare ability of converting information into gems. Study skills and learning strategies are more important than ever today, with so much to learn and so many other people learning quickly, you really need to have the best study skills.

With this course, I can show you step-by-step how to master your memory processes by creating stories out of what you learn, creating a city in your mind, and developing the skills you need to take notes that you will be able to go back to decades from now for it all to come flooding back.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What causes us to forget what we study, and how to make sure it never happens again

  • How to plan your studying

  • How to create the best study environment

  • How to make a city in your mind and have it teach you

  • How to warm up your brain

  • The best note taking skills

  • How to use sound to optimize your learning

  • How to use spatial memory and football to learn anything

  • How to use your body when studying

  • How to create stories so you can learn anything

  • When and how to take breaks

  • How to make a board game and have a blast to enhance your learning

  • The power of post-its

  • The long-term inner game of study

  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Studying is not only for cramming information when an exam is coming. Studying is for now, and it is for life. Become a lifelong learner and turn studying into a habit that will serve you for life.


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