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Study the Bible (1) Avoiding 5 mistakes

Study the Bible (1) Avoiding 5 mistakes

Price: $49.99

In this course, “Study the Bible (1) Avoiding 5 mistakes,” students will remove the barriers, mental and false assumptions that keep the Old Testament (Bible) out of any standard reader.
This Bible emerged from sources outside the world; People who call this source of knowledge “intuition” are almost right…
Studying correctly with one of the “Guardians of Secrets” who possess a broad and original understanding of the Bible can bring Personal Empowerment, healthier relationships with all Those around you.

After leaving my ‘comfort zone’ as a successful high school principal job (in Israel), this course is based on my knowledge, going to different places in the world delivering seminars to non-Jews who were seeking true answers. Out of the many conversations I had, I understood those five (six) mistakes we will clear up in the course here.

This course is meant for all audiences, the believer as those who don’t, no matter what religion you hold today; YOU will find here a primary key for learning new thoughts and emotions kept secret by the old Hebrew Nation.

This course focus on essential Five (six) biblical Assumptions. Today, most of the world is not aware of the fundamental mistakes that underlie the ‘underlying assumptions’ in the general culture because the Jewish people have been silenced throughout history. However, these Five (Six, with the bonus) milestones are compatible with all human thought and belong to all.

I trust that the material and the dialogue with other students will be encouraging and enlightening for all.
By taking this course, you will increase your understanding and knowledge of God’s Word, and you will have a firm foundation upon which to build your life. The understanding gained will also help you be more confident in explaining your faith to yourself & others.


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