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Study the Bible (3); Torah Purpose in the ‘Beginning.’

Study the Bible (3); Torah Purpose in the ‘Beginning.’

Price: $79.99

This course operates on two levels simultaneously

Recognize and Release Negative Patterns of Guilt, Worrying, Anxiety, and Fear.

From his open side [just listening to the content of the third part]
You can get the latest knowledge science knowne today,
Dealing with Guilt, Worrying, Anxiety, and Fear.
How to Identify those feeling, learn and understand better when these feelings may appear in your life, so you won’t let them ‘take over.’, the Mindfulness side.
Also, you will receive a tested method here, which does not require much effort, What to do when you feel one of those feeling [Guilt, Worrying, Anxiety, and Fear.] to improve your bad feelings.

Uplift Yourself to your next level in life

On a deeper level, You will be able to see in depth, the difference between science, with all its greatness, and the fantastic achievements it brings to our world – And man, with his incredible ability to live in our world correctly.
We will also learn what is the right step to promote our society to a better place.

Our primary goal is
To treat the ‘Human Code,’;
I mean: to develop and realize an individual’s
Emotional, Intellectual and Behavioral potential.
After all, this is the essential resource on our planet!
In this course, we will learn the first step through the FIRST word of the Bible as the Hebrew nation preserved throughout history.

you are more than welcome to join me on this life journy


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