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Super Intelligence – Increase Your Brain Capacity

Super Intelligence – Increase Your Brain Capacity

Price: $94.99

Intelligence is part of the Nature of any Human Being. We all have unlimited cognitive abilities. Our Brain is able to learn anything we want. When they say that Intelligence is the privilege of some, this is nothing more than a lie. We are capable, our Brain is capable. No matter our ethnicity, age, race, social status, or whatever, we are able to learn whatever we want.

What prevents us from increasing our innate capacity are barriers of the unconscious. These barriers happen because of some flaw that we have committed in the past, and because of that, we are labeled as incapable. Not only that. When we see a classmate doing better than we do at school, we find that we have been deprived of intelligence and that is steeped in our Subconscious Mind, and by the time we reach adulthood, that mind executes what we programmed throughout our childhood, and since then , we find it difficult to learn.

The “Super Intelligence” Project aims to break these mental barriers and take you to another level, the level where we can all learn anything. In this Project you will do exercises that will stimulate your Pre Frontal Cortex that is responsible for our learning and intelligence. In addition, you will have the specific Isochronic Wave to activate this brain part for you to increase your cognitive ability.

In addition to the Isocronics, we have the Solfegios that will work intensely in your Subconscious to eliminate, as a nuclear bomb, any and all mental barrier that prevents you from increasing your innate ability, that is, increasing your intelligence.

Here you can have the following benefits with the isocronic:

  • Increase Brain Capacity;

  • Have the chance to learn more easily;

  • Learn More Quickly;

  • Increase Your Self-Esteem;

  • Learning something New;

  • Learn a new Language;

  • And much more;

The Solfeggios, which in this case also works as a support, will bring the benefits:

  • It will eliminate the guilty feelings of the past for some failure committed;

  • It will put you in tune with your Higher Self and show your innate ability;

  • You will find it easier to socialize with other people;

  • Emotional intelligence;

  • Elimination of stagnant energies that impede learning;

  • And several other benefits of these frequencies;

The Isochronic, in addition to acting directly on the Pre Frontal Cortex, serves as a guide for the Solfeggios to act on what is deep within their Subconscious.

Next, see the performance of each Solfeggios Frequency in conjunction with the Isochronic Beta 14Hz:

  • 174Hz – This frequency will aim to give your Brain a sense of security;

  • 285Hz – Send messages to your power field to restructure any problems you have in your body;

  • 396Hz – It will release you from the feeling of Guilt or Fear that you have acquired in the past and that have prevented you from increasing your Cognitive Ability;

  • 417Hz – Cleaning of any mental limitations;

  • 528Hz – Increased Mental Clarity;

  • 639Hz – Ability to relate to others in a harmonious way;

  • 741Hz – This frequency will lead you to a pure and stable life;

  • 852Hz – Breakdowns that prevent you from communicating with your Higher Self;

  • 963Hz – Here you experience your true Nature, that is, your Inborn Capacity;

These frequencies quoted above are potentialized through the Visualization Power that are taught in the exercises in this project. So enjoy every moment, open yourself to these powerful frequencies and see with your own eyes the size of your ability.

You are capable and this is an indisputable fact. You can achieve any goal you want and it depends solely and solely on your will power to want. There is no impossibility for our brain. Our brain is an unlimited Human Computer capable of solving anything.

Pay close attention: “What is possible for a person, is possible for anyone.”

Keep that phrase in your Subconscious Mind and use it whenever you feel it is necessary. That’s all because you’re capable. The miracle is just beginning!

See you soon!

A Little About Evandro Angotti:

Before you talk about me, I want to make it clear that my only real intention is to help people. Today I was able to wake up and be happy to know that I am with this wonderful Project in 18 countries. I could not go that far if it were not for you. So, please stay here registered my gratitude for your life. I wish the Universe would grant you everything you want for your life. May you achieve all your goals. You are free to contact me ASAP.

I have more than 10 years of experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Isocronic Waves, Binaural and Solfeggios, Quantum Physics (Law of Attraction) and Personal and Spiritual Development. I have helped and continue to help thousands of people, now around the world. I feel fulfilled. I believe my purpose in life is coming to fruition as I see, people like you, achieving their goals. For me, it would be worthless, if this does not happen, it’s worth nothing if you do not reach your goal.

And finally, pay close attention: I am able to help you reprogram whatever you want into your life. But it all depends on you.

Note: As already mentioned, despite having some important information, this project is not about a course, but about frequencies that you will use for 27 days to do a Mental Reprogramming.

Note²: Each Project made available here in the Udemy Platform has its purpose. Each of them takes a certain amount of time for its complexity in development. In addition, I try to improve every day to deliver all of them with the best possible quality. If you are interested in developing in other areas, look for other projects, which I thought of you to do. Gratitude!!


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