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Superhuman learning strategy (TM): Memorize like a computer

Superhuman learning strategy (TM): Memorize like a computer

Price: $99.99

One of Udemy’s newest hot learning strategy courses

“The trick is not studying more, it is studying more effectively” – Suleman Kiyani

After completing this course, you will know how to

  • Memorize any type of information for as long as you want

  • Remember any face and the person’s name

  • Be able to learn any (programming) language with roughly 1/10 the effort

  • Not have those memory blackouts that pop up in the worst moments

  • Be able to speed read like a pro – up to 7 times faster than before (If you used to read 1 book/month, now you read 7)

  • Use the great roman emperor’s technique to memorize any presentation or speech without sticky notes

  • Remember any and every number you need to memorize – legal paragraphs, statistical surveys, license plates, bank account numbers, passwords etc

“What is cool about this technique is that it is so easy to do” – Gloria Giraldo

This course will teach you how to hack your own learning abilities. Super human learning strategies is based on a teaching concept that is used by professionals taking part in memorization competitions, chezz players and study hackers – like you.

Make your learning easy and save your time for what really matters. The instructor has first learnt these strategies while studying in a foreign language at the French Sorbonne University. Having to memorize uncountable paragraphs and legal articles in a foreign language made it necessary to find new techniques. These techniques allowed him to use around 1/10 of the time studying compared to his colleagues and graduate in minimum time while working full time at the same time!

Those same learning strategies he is now sharing with you in order for you to

  • Make studying easy with pro skills and gamification

  • Memorize more, but effortlessly

  • Have 10 times more free time

“My parents are not able to support me in my studies, so I was looking for a system that would allow me to succeed in my studies AND start give my career a headstart”

Whether you’re a student or a professional learning new skills, you are forced with ever-increasing information and knowledge. In fact, it’s believed that one week’s worth of the New York Times has in it about as much information as one person encountered during his entire life, 100 years ago. We’ve all experienced the frustration felt about continuously expanding reading lists, trying to learn a new language but not keeping on track or simply forgetting knowledge we were sure we would not forget.

The true beauty about this system is that anyone can do it, and its so easy!

“Since that, my friends ask me if I could teach them how to do that too” – Tobias Prager

This course goes beyong simple speed reading and note-taking techniques. It is tailored to your specific learning style and allows you to deploy different learning strategies based on your needed outcome – whether you want to memorize law, a new programming language or simply not forget your shopping list – the right learning technique is key for each different set of information.

At its core, the superhuman learning strategy allows you to

  • break speed records in reading while fully capturing the content

  • memorizing any kind of information – for as long as you want to

  • Making it easy using the right approach for the right problem

Just like a carpenter uses different tools of his toolbox to fix different problems, you too will be able to have a full toolbox of techniques available, making learning anything easy.

“Because learning became easy, it took away a lot of the stress I used to feel” – Mariam Vasadze

The irony is that before, you had to spend so much time reading, revising and studying again and still when the exam came, you felt a bit uneasy and stressed, because your confidence that you would remember was not high. Using the superhuman leanring strategy (TM) will not only make learning effortless again, just like when you were a kid, it will also sparkle your curiosity to go deeper and explore the edges of your previous knowledge. In other words, it sparkles your curiosity knowing that you can actually remember all prior knowledge and build upon it. And by doing so, the most important outcome will not just be that you can learn better but that you will feel strong confidence in your abilities.

We can confidently conclude that this is therefore the best, most comprehensive accelerated learning strategy that you can find among all Udemy courses.

The course will require about 3 hours of applying the superhuman learning strategy for 8 weeks, however if you put in the work, you will succeed… It is like an investment that pays you back every single day after that, your entire life.

“It’s not just the fact that I graduated, it is my self esteem that grew immensly because I know I can learn – anything” – Phil Emmerson

As for all my courses, you get a full 30-day money back guarantee, so that there is 0 risk for you.

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