Ni Quadriceps Flexors au Extensors?


Quadriceps ni flexors. Ni vikundi vya misuli ambavyo huunganisha mifupa ya paja kwenye pelvis yako, na virefusho ni misuli inayovuta mifupa hiyo hiyo mbali na pelvisi yako.

Quadriceps flexors help you lift objects with tension in both legs at the same time, while extensors assist in extending your leg outwards. Kwa hivyo, if you want to do a knee extension exercise (where you extend one leg behind you), then you need to include quadriceps flexion as part of the movement equation!

The quadriceps flexors are the muscles that allow you to move your knees and feet up towards your trunk. The extensors, Kwa upande mwingine, are responsible for moving your legs away from your trunk.

Quadriceps flexors often get injured when doing squats or lunges because they’re used more as stabilizers than movers. To rehabilitate this muscle group, it is recommended that you do exercises that activate both the quadriceps flexors and extensors simultaneously. This can be done by incorporating multi-joint exercises into a fitness program or using devices such as Swiss balls to isolate specific muscles within the thighs.

Quadriceps flexors are the muscle fibers that attach the femur (thighbone) to the upper leg bone, called the tibia. Quadriceps extensors are the muscle fibers that extend or straighten your thigh.

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