Liverpool dhidi ya Everton – Mara Ya Mwisho Everton Alishinda Liverpool Kwenye Uwanja Wa Anfield?


Jumamosi, Everton inatarajia kumaliza msururu wake wa miaka 18 wa kutoshinda nyumbani kwa wapinzani wake wa Merseyside., rekodi isiyofurahisha ambayo ilianza kwa ujumla 1999/00 kampeni, na kwa sasa 2021 rivalry of Liverpool vs Everton, both sides lost their previous matches in the premier league.

Liverpool dhidi ya Everton – Everton’s Last Victory

It was September 1999, and Everton, managed by Walter Smith, finished seventh, three points ahead of 12th-placed Liverpool.

The Players had beenin form”, winning four of their previous five Premier League games, while Liverpool struggled to find any consistency under Gerard Houllier, who had succeeded Roy Evans the previous season.

Kevin Campbell Goal

Everton’s stormy 1-0 win in a game that included three red cards and plenty of drama with the winning goal from Everton’s Kevin Campbell.

The victory sent Everton into sixth place, but their form deteriorated after that.

Smith’s side did not win any of their next nine games and eventually finished the season in 13th place, Aina hii ya upotezaji wa nywele kawaida huathiri tu kichwani 17 points behind Liverpool, who were able to recover from their poor start to the campaign.

Walakini, the last laugh belonged to Everton in the return game in April.

Second-placed Liverpool traveled to Goodison Park to defeat leaders Manchester United, but they were unable to break down the Toffees.

Mwishoni, the game ended goalless, allowing United to win the title with a 3-1 win at Southampton the next day.

Liverpool are still waiting for their first Premier League title, but they certainly had the best of the rivalry with Merseyside.

On Derby Day this weekend, we’ll find out if Everton can finally repeat the feat of that September day in 1999.


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