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Switching Theory & Logic Design of Digital Circuits

Switching Theory & Logic Design of Digital Circuits

Price: $94.99

Learning switching theory or digital electronics is like playing a football! Open doors to careers and hobbies in online digital job field

Building on the knowledge you gained in the Digital Electronics course will help you to move forward in digital field and opens even more doors to diverse careers, projects and jobs .

The trainer is certified person in Coursera and in NPTEL. He has 20 years of teaching field experience in both theoretical and practical.

Without computers and digital systems we cannot imagine our lives and coming future rapidly increasing in digital field. Think about how many of them are now operated their works particularly in industries, businesses and projects that involve computers or computer control. Even though bio medical ,mechanical and automobiles are chock full of digital electronics now. All of this involves digital electronics, and you want in on it today.

In this course, you will learn digital electronic circuits, switching theory and logic design and also it will be in use to make digital systems.. You’ll don’t need a good understanding of any electronics skills but some simple math skills, a computer, and that’s it!

No prior knowledge of digital electronics or programming is required, and yet by the end of this course you’ll have built functioning digital electronic circuits and surely you can design some digital circuits which you want.

Lesson overview:

In this course ,you further develop your knowledge and skills to include digital electronics and practice your skills on real-life digital components.

In the first section you may learn the how the digital era changed and how it helps your career and Review of number systems

Second section you may learn the full information on number systems and logic operation,error detection and correction codes

In this course you will gain a wide knowledge on digital systems and this course surely will help you to move forward or jump in VLSI field.

In this course we’ll be covering:

  • History of Electronics and how digital field emerged

  • What is signal, analog and digital signal?

  • What is digital system?

  • Number systems full and its conversions

  • Introduction to Boolean Algebra

  • Basic Logic operations

  • Boolean theorems and postulates

  • Demorgans theorems

  • Consensus theorem

  • Boolean function

  • Dual of the Boolean function and Complement of a Boolean function

  • Representation of Boolean function: Min term and max term

  • standard or canonical SOP form

  • Conversion of SOP to standard or canonical SOP form

  • Conversion of SOP to standard or canonical SOP form with truth table (2 methods)

  • Standard POS & Conversion of POS to standard or canonical POS form

  • Conversion SOP TO CPOS and CSOP forms with truth table example problems

  • Conversion SOP TO CPOS and CSOP forms with truth table example problems

  • Conversion of standard SOP and POS( vice versa) with procedure( 3rd model)

  • Conversion of standard CSOP and CPOS with procedure( 3rd model)

  • Minimization of logic functions using Boolean theorems

  • 3 Variable minterms and maxterms

  • Digital logic gates

  • Logic gates

  • Properties of Excusive OR gate

  • Inverted Gates

  • Generation of logic diagram with Boolean expression

  • Multi Level AND-OR realization

  • Two Level AND-NOR realization

  • Multi Level AND-OR and NAND realization problems

  • Multi Level AND-OR and NOR realization problems

  • Addition of BCD Numbers

  • Addition of Excess-3

  • Gray code or self reflection code or cyclic code

  • Gray to Binary code conversion

  • Binary to Gray code conversion

  • Error Detection and Correction codes

  • Hamming code

  • Hamming code 7 bit example.

  • Minimization of switching functions using K-Maps

  • 2,3,4,5 variable K-Maps

  • Code converters

  • BCD to Excess-3 vice versa

  • Binary to Gray vice versa etc.,

    Combinational logic circuits

  • Half adder

  • Full adder

  • Half subtractor

  • Full subtractor

  • Parallel adder

  • Decoders

  • Encoders

  • Multiplexers

  • DE multiplexers

  • Sequential logic circuits

  • Flip flops

  • Registers

  • Counters

    and much more and more!


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