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Systems Thinking Practitioner iGNLP™ Certified – Beyond NLP

Systems Thinking Practitioner iGNLP™ Certified – Beyond NLP

Price: $89.99

A few years back I had a life changing experience that opened my eyes to the way everything works together for a greater whole. This study is the closest description of the foundation of that understanding. My entire coaching business and philosphy has been born from these principals” Matt Barnett

If you have studied personal or professional development to any level in the past, you will get incredible benefit from this course on Systems Thinking. In this course Matt Barnett International Coach and Entrepreneur takes you on a journey beyond Master Practitioner in NLP and CBT to the world of systems thinkning. Where everything exists as a connection or interaction with everything else. Where a cause is an effect and an effect may be a cause. To a world where the world is more than the sum of its parts. Where magical emergent properties can be witnessed and where incredible rapid results can be achieved through the holistic understanding of systems, leverage and feedback.
This course is truly eye opening and might well change the way you look at life forever.

  • Understand what systems thinking IS – so that you can view situations from a new perspective

  • Discover the concept of feedback and feedback loops so that you can consistently achieve results

  • Understand the science of failing and success – so that you can adapt your approach to life and win consistently

  • Understand limits and ceilings so that you can push through them or adapt to them

  • Learn to think in circles – to identify leverage cause and effect

  • Discover the magic of emergence and the unpredictable outcomes of an operating system


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