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TE0-124 Teradata 12 Database Management Practice Exam

TE0-124 Teradata 12 Database Management Practice Exam

Price: $89.99

Sample Questions

Q) Database Accounting_DB defined space PERM 5 GB. This is User_Accounts table, and on the definition of five times. When the charging data message to the 2 GB failed User_Accounts load process, which is Nonet more space Accounting_DB Perm. This is the justification for a failure?

a) Reserve as defined in the table.

b) Prospects will receive due process of building loads.

c) User_Accounts PI is determined, it can lead to skewed.

d) User ID, which is used to load data is Nonet eNoneugh space to Perm

e) None

Q) Table 200 GB of data in the data storage environment is active. Data about 20% to 30% use BTEQ updated daily. Business rules, the table will still be able to access and update user around the clock. Lack of space prevents the backup from the upcoming defined in this table. Every two types of data protection to ensure continuous access to the same information needs to be returned, if the data is lost or damaged? (Choose two.)

a) To undertake all routine -AMP archive.

b) The implementation of the online archive every day.

c) Conduct daily dictionary file.

d) In order to achieve a permanent record of the table.

Q) The system administrator for system upgrade to the new software version. When the system upgrade, system administrators interested to knew that as a result of the implementation of the plan to upgrade what changes occur. Which tool to compare before and after implementation plan?

a) The Visual Explain

b) Polls facilities Compare

c) Tera data Query Analyzer

d) Tera data workload analysis

e) None

Q) Data integration jobs to download a lot of historical data into a table. This work has failed, because there is None more space in the database that contains the target table. Administrators have studied the distribution of data exceeds amplifiers and discovery data distribution. Administrators can get more perm space, all other databases. Two steps back Perm space, and allows the data integration work will be completed? (Choose two.)

a) Run disk package.

b) Down unnecessary Statistics

c) Dropping view and macros in the database.

d) Remove unnecessary secondary indexes in the target database table

Q) Administrator to determine CPU usage presents a particular transaction record source. What causes string extension (ASE) variable allows this type of analysis?

a) & L

b) & D

c) & S

d) & T

e) None


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