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Technical writing: JavaScripts for your MadCap Flare project

Technical writing: JavaScripts for your MadCap Flare project

Price: $99.99

  • In the first lesson, I’ll show you how to create the formatting for the programming code. I have optimized this procedure as much as possible, so that after the configuration, you’ll need to do only a few mouse clicks to apply the desired style to programming code in your documentation.

  • In the second lesson, we’ll learn how to add a Copy to clipboard button. Again, it will take just a few mouse clicks from you at the end to add the button. Usually, this feature is used to copy to clipboard excerpts of programming code, but I’ll show you the universal solution where users can copy to clipboard texts, images, and even tables.

  • I am most proud of the third lesson — the Live filtering feature. There I’ll show you a unique way to apply multiple modifications of the documentation to a MadCap Flare project. For example, modifications may refer to different versions of your company’s product. To choose a needed modification, users just need to click a button, and they will see the relevant documentation. This functionality is really unique and you won’t find it anywhere else because this javascript was written by my husband and my colleague.

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