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Technology Systems Auditing

Technology Systems Auditing

Price: $89.99

Information systems have become an integral part of any modern organization. Many of the business processes are now dependent on the information systems and the data contained in these systems is of critical importance to any enterprise. The need to protect and safeguard these systems is also directly proportional to the increase in their usage. With the information systems becoming so important, the attacks and threats including but not limited to ransomware, data theft, hacking, forgery and brute force are also on the rise. More and more attackers are targeting organization with less control and protection. This course prepares the candidates to put in place effective controls and policies to protect their information systems and assets from unauthorized access and leakage.

Information systems auditor course is a comprehensive course designed with the objective of preparing the candidates to be able to familiarize themselves with the IS audit process, governance, management of IT, IS operations, maintenance and support, IS operations and business resilience as well as protection of information assets.

These information systems or assets can be in the form of databases, files, images, documents and software. The course covers the protection methods and techniques regardless of the form the data is residing within the organization.

Overall, the course touches all the aspects required to become an effective information systems auditor and perform the task efficiently. This course also helps the candidates to prepare for the relevant certification


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