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Telephone Confidence: Be Super Confident on the Telephone!

Telephone Confidence: Be Super Confident on the Telephone!

Price: $109.99

Become super confident on the telephone!

In this course, you’ll learn how to be more confident on the telephone. Learn how to do elite cold calls, make sales, sound confident and showcase your charisma.

I’ve interviewed public figures over the phone such as CBC Chief News Correspondent, Peter Mansbridge and the first Canadian to walk in space, Chris Hadfield.

I’ve also made hundreds of sales over the phone, hosted conference calls and used the telephone to get the things I want. From tough situations like interviewing law firms involved in scandals and pharmaceutical companies failing to warn consumers about their side-effects, I’ve used the phone in various situations.

I’m so excited to be able to share my skills with you so that you can become confident on the telephone and use it to gain the leverage you want in any situation.

I can’t wait to help you with phone confidence! Let’s develop your phone skills today.


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