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Test your C skills – Programming Interview Questions

Test your C skills – Programming Interview Questions

Price: $19.99

This course will enhance your programming knowledge. If you are preparing for interviews/ recruitment exams/ technical rounds conducted by various IT companies or software companies, then this course will help you to clear. The pre-final year students or final year students of various disciplines such as engineering, science, diploma etc… can be benefited from this course.

The content of this course is made to target the technical competitive exams and the following contents are available in this course

1. Video content

step by step explanation of various coding concepts like arrays, pointers, and much more

2. Most Tricky Questions asked in interviews along with answers like

  • Write a C program without semicolon

  • Change the value of a const variable

  • and many more

3. Tons of practice problems, which include

  • Debugging

  • Guess the output

  • MCQs

4. 50+ programming banks which include, frequently asked programs in interviews such as

  • Reverse a int number

  • Sum of digits

  • and so on….


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