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The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah spiritual healing – Level-1

The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah spiritual healing – Level-1

Price: $29.99

The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah tools for healing and transformation – level 1

This course provides you with practical tools for spiritual healing, personal transformation and drawing abundance to all areas of your life.

In this experiential course, you will learn about the virtues of the sacred names, their special energetic vibrations, and how to implement them in practice.

You will practice different Kabbalistic Meditation techniques and learn to apply the knowledge of the 72 Names of God for different purposes.

You will also learn essential concepts in Kabbalah, which will deepen your understanding about the big cosmic plan – the Thought of Creation – and how it is manifested in your life.

By utilizing the powers of the 72 Hebrew letter combinations, you can solve ongoing problems in your life, heal yourself, remove blockages and reach success and personal fulfillment.

Another important advantage of this course is, that you will learn to identify, read, write, and visualize Hebrew letters.

The course is instructed by a native Hebrew speaker.

The “72 Names of God” are 72 letter combinations of 3 letters each, that are encrypted in the Bible.

They serve as Divine codes for connecting with the spiritual worlds, and channels for drawing light and abundance to ourselves, here in the physical world.

The 72 Names of God generated one of the biggest miracles in human history.

They are now available to mankind for spiritual transformation and soul rectification.

Working with the 72 Names of God, is the most effective way to solve your ongoing problems from the root,

– To get immediate relief in stressful circumstances,

– Expand your consciousness,

– Control your destiny,

and bring light, hope and balance into your life.

This is the first level in which you will get to know to the powerful spiritual powers of the 72 Names of God.

When we work with sacred names that are attributed to the Creator, we must get to know their essence and treat them with all the gravity and respect they deserve.

In the first few lessons, you will acquire a lot of background information about the sacred letter combinations.

This background knowledge is very important, because before starting to implement these enormous powers in practice, you must know what you are working with.

Along the course we shall discuss the important topics of abundance, livelihood, self-realization, removal of blockages, and inscribe letter combinations to improve these areas in life.

You will practice writing the Hebrew letter combinations, and the receive assignments that will help you deepen your understanding in the learning materials.


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