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The Agile Way for QA , Dev and Scrum Master

The Agile Way for QA , Dev and Scrum Master

Price: $29.99

Below are the items that we will cover as part of this course :

  • What is Agile

  • Why Agile

  • Benefits of Agile

  • Different Players in Agile – Dev , QA , Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Product Owner

  • What are each of their Roles/Responsibilities

  • What are the challenges faced by QA’s and Dev’s and how do we address them. The solutions provided here are based on our experience as IT engineers for more than 10 years.

  • How do we provide value to the team and become a key player in the team.

  • Scrum Process.

  • Scrum Components – EPIC, Feature, User Story, Task

  • Demo: Project Management Using Team Foundation server and Jira

  • Demo: Test Management using Zephyr – JIRA

  • If you follow along the course well you will learn how to efficiently manage a Project


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