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The Airtable Academy | Become a Pro with Airtable & Zapier

The Airtable Academy | Become a Pro with Airtable & Zapier

Price: $89.99

Tons of Excel-Files, redundant and inconsistent data sets, long hours of manual data cleanup and vague guesses rather than informed decisions due to a lack of reliable data insights.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you look for a data management solution you can tweak and adapt on the fly to your needs?

Do you strive to ditch all these locally stored excel files for one central web-based solution?

Are you tired of watching your files to load, your PC to crash and to boot up again?

Do you look for a tool to design your own workflows and automate your processes?

Well, with Airtable the years of struggle come to an end.

Learn Airtable and tap into a new world of managing your business and your private projects:

  • Create one single source of truth instead of tons of Excel-Files

  • Stop manual monkey work and create automated workflows

  • Start managing your project instead of managing your data

With Airtable Academy you can get from beginner to expert in only a couple of hours.

This course was specifically designed to get you ramped up fast, so that you can start building your own solutions. After going through the lessons once, it will also be a helpful ressource to pull up if you would like a refresher on one of the topics.

The practical examples inside this course will help you to understand how flexible Airtable is and you can take base your work on these solutions instead of starting from scratch.

This course uses the latest version of Airtable so that you‘ll get an explanation of everything currently available.

What you will get in this course:

  • A step-by-step video course, taking you from beginner to expert level

  • All the resources to download and follow along

  • Access to the course community

  • An instructor to ask everything, so you won‘t get stuck in your learning journey

  • A certificate of completion (if you complete the course 😉 )

This course is designed for all the creators out there, who love to tackle projects on their own instead of using predefined solutions.

You don‘t need any knowledge about code or databases, we will cover everything necessary in the course.

If you have any questions beforehand, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me! I want to help you on your learning journey in the best way possible.

Thank you so much for considering this course and see you in class very soon!


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