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The Art and Science of Conscious Living: Protocol & Process

The Art and Science of Conscious Living: Protocol & Process

Price: $109.99

There is only one reason you experience life as a series of endless conflicts and struggles;

FEAR is living at the center of your life.

Fear in life only ever happens as an illusion in the mind, driving the judging and struggle you experience every day. Fear in the mind is not your biggest problem that you have to fix, but your most amazing opportunity to discover the whole you and your True Self Worth. In this course I will guide you to learn to work with your fears to uncover the wonder of the universe! Your mental self is your greatest wealth!

CLI perspective is a process that employs the stuck mind to see it is indeed a whole mind and can function as a valued partner to the heart and the True Self. The most essential nature of the CLI process is to create an atmosphere of complete safety for the mind to explore itself without the need to be ‘fixed or punished’. Because the mind is living in a perpetual state of fear and shock, the mind automatically thinks any investigation is life threatening to you and itself. The CLI perspective understands that working with the fear-based split mind is the key to an inspired universal experience in life.

The CLI process is rooted in the following two quantum scientific theories:

How you do one thing is how you do everything and everywhere you go there you are! The understanding there has never been anything wrong with you and there is nothing to fix in yourself or your life. This is the practice of nonjudgement and unconditional gratitude which is inherent to the True Nature of each of us.

CLI invites you to take conscious responsibility for cultivating alchemy in every aspect of life. You will learn here that the world is made FOR you BY you to discover and LOVE you. The heart, as a representative of Universal Consciousness, and has all the information ever needed to transform the fear into unconditional gratitude.

CLI is a work of Heart! When the fearful mind is received with a compassionate and unconditional heart, knowing that it will not be punished or shamed, the mind can become your most trusted ally in life instead of something you are constantly judging and victimizing yourself with.

CLI and the SHOW THE HELL UP process is:

Waking up! This only takes one second to get a glimpse of TRUTH through the illusion of Fear

Showing up! Taking action to investigate consciousness comes first!

Cleaning up! Fear perspectives and letting go of judging

Growing up! By growing out of the need to judge and blame

Leveling up! Turn up the volume on this new path to wholeness!

This perspective has literally changed my life! And it will certainly change yours too!

The only one thing you have available to shift in life is your perspective!

Welcome Aboard!


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