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The Art of Cyber Attack: Case Studies

The Art of Cyber Attack: Case Studies

Price: $19.99

Important Note: The course can serve as Cyber Security for Beginners course

What will you learn from this course?

  • You will learn about cyber attacks techniques & tools by studying previous real-life cyber attacks & data breaches

  • You will be able to learn how to prevent a repeated hacking or attack techniques on you or your organization.

Who should attend this course

· Anyone interest in Cyber Security, Information Security or/and any Cyber Security professionals with the mandate to protect information system assets

Course Description

The continuous attack on individual, corporate, and government entities operating from cyberspace is becoming alarming. We daily hear of different attacks by different groups of hackers or cybercriminals. These cyber-criminal leverage on known vulnerabilities, in some cases they carry out zero-day attacks and at times, these attacks are repeated on a different organization but the same methodology. It is therefore essential that we study these attacks objectively to know how we as an individual or an organization can become safe from the techniques and tools used by these criminals.

The information security of organizations is the most target of any hacking or APT group. So learning what an organization failed to do that made them a victim of a cyber attack is a piece of knowledge worth knowing.

The case studies will cover cyber attacks, data breaches of known corporate organizations, and government agencies in different countries from 2010 to 2020. The course will have a question at the end of every cyberattack case that has been reviewed. This is will ensure that we all learn from the idea and concepts of each other.


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