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The Art of Learning Journals

The Art of Learning Journals

Price: $44.99

Daily learning can be an art as it promotes a desire toward lifelong learning. The role of writing one’s learning experiences, facts and interesting information promotes the added benefit of reflection, a key to scaffolding new knowledge into existing schemas. The learning journal can be as intricate as notes with the added benefit of an art journal or as simple as pieces of information. Students will learn the benefits of the learning journal and the role of reflection in the learning process. They will be familiarized with goals, intellectual challenges, structure, purpose of and what the experts say about the importance of a learning journal.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the reflection process in relation to learning
  • Explore and develop strategies to aid in the development of a personalized learning journal
  • Understand the value of integrating or scaffolding new knowledge into existing intellectual schemas
  • Develop an individualized approach to the learning journal
  • Understand how to cite sources for later recall
  • Recognize where information and new knowledge for one’s learning journal can be found


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