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The Bakery Business Guide: Part 1 – Plan for Success

The Bakery Business Guide: Part 1 – Plan for Success

Price: $124.99

Save yourself a TON of time and energy as your business grows, by making sure the first few steps you take while building your bakery business, are wise and knowledgeable.

Clear your mind, find your true goals, learn how to network efficiently and plan ahead for the future of your successful bakery business.

Do an overhaul on your current business, to get moving in the right direction.

This course is for

  • hobby bakers wanting to start a profitable small bakery business (home or storefront)

  • current bakery owners searching for clarity and to restart/revamp their business

Within the course, you will:

  • fill out a bakery business plan, allowing you to build a business you love and that works for your lifestyle

  • get a ready-made, professional order form, to customize and use right away

  • solidify your plans for a business name and branding ideas, starting you off on the right foot towards lasting success

  • learn how to create a network to support your business and relieve stress

  • discover how you can create routines to keep you on track, making you more income over time

We will go over BLISS, my bakery start-up model, in detail:

1. Brainstorming (idea generation, creative planning and clearing your mind)

2. List Making (organizing your thoughts and narrowing down the best options)

3. Investigate (understanding your local community and it’s needs, networking, industry positioning)

4. Structure (overview of the most important structural aspects of a well running bakery business)

5. Showing Up (consistency, reliability, professionalism, returning customers)

You will be provided with many examples and experiences from my 10 years of professional bakery experience and business owner experience.

You will be provided with a number of eye-opening printable resources to help you continue to refine and perfect your business plan and ideas.

Additionally, you will gain direct access to me over the platform, to help you work through the planning and structuring of your very own bakery business!

Your success is my success. With the right knowledge, support, and effort, you can create a business that will prosper!


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