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The Complete PLC Programming Course

The Complete PLC Programming Course

Price: $79.99

I was stuck in a job I hated and wanted a better paying career in industrial automation. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming seemed very intimidating and I didn’t think I was smart enough.

Even though I had learned some things about PLC programming from a theory perspective, I didn’t have enough knowledge to be successful. I felt stuck like I would never be able to make it.

Then I started asking for help from an experienced programmer who seemed to make everything look so easy. He was programming these complex systems and I remember thinking “How does he even know how to program this stuff? It seems so hard!”. He sat down with me and explained that even though I had learned some theory, I needed to start programming the RIGHT way and he was going to help me get there.

Over the next year, he would give me projects to work on. He would give me his example code as a starting point and explain why you had to program things a certain way in this industry. He had years of experience, years of trial, and error to reference back on. He knew what worked and what didn’t, and that’s what I was missing.

I implemented the techniques he showed me, and within just a few short years I went from going nowhere in the automation industry to being the lead automation engineer of a facility that produced millions of dollars of product per day, with over 100 PLC’s on-site!

I compiled all of the techniques and other advanced skills I have learned from working as a controls engineer for 10+ years now and recorded those techniques on video.

Hi, my name is Robert Simons. I am the founder of PLC Training Academy. Today, I’m excited to announce that those videos I recorded are ready for release and are available online here on Udemy.

I call it, The Complete PLC Programming Course

And inside, I am going to teach you how to go from just knowing what a PLC is to being able to program PLC’s so well you’ll make all your co-workers stare in amazement. And you’ll get there in just 60 days.

Here’s What You’ll Discover..

  • Project-based lectures. We don’t just have you follow along. You learn best when given projects to complete. Don’t worry though, if at any time you get stuck we always cover the solution afterward

  • Program using real software. We show you how to download free PLC programming software that is used in the course

  • Real-world projects. I took over a dozen real-world projects that I have used in the field and turned them into labs, giving you an accurate programming experience

Here’s what others had to say about the course:

Man, your course is awesome… the course was 10/10. Unlike typical training of “this is what you do, and that’s all there is to it” your course was engaging and very easy to follow along… Being able to immediately apply the lesson into a program makes a huge difference… I feel I gained more from [The complete PLC Programming course] than I have at any of the (overpriced) vendor “trainings” I’ve been to in my career.

-Bryson Pendley, Instrumentation Technician

I have been programming for over 4 years, and I wish I had this course available when I started. This course would have saved me a lot of time… [The complete PLC Programming course] helps the student develop strong fundamentals for programming PLCs

-Christian Ramirez, Controls Engineer

Robert is an excellent PLC instructor. He put together a highly professional and valuable course

-Zach Zcriven, Industrial Automation LinkedIn Influencer


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